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As a Real Estate Broker Agent, I serve Cypress, CA 90630 and surrounding areas with experience spanning decades in marketing research, business, and real estate. When it comes to selling homes, it’s about the Art of Selling and Value. Earn thousands more on the sale of your home. Call me today and let me show you how.

This is my mission:

Trust is a scarce commodity. It cannot be bought but must be earned.

My goal is to earn your trust through working hard, providing superior individualized service, and fulfilling my fiduciary duty to protect and promote your interests that includes getting the highest price for your home and a delivering smooth sales process.

See the difference!

UC Berkeley-B.A., UC San Diego-M.A., and a Real Estate Broker’s License. Network of professionals in Home Inspection, Loan, Contracting, Appraisal, Escrow, and Law. Ability to manage and work with them as seamless a team.

Extensive experience in marketing research, small business, and in real estate. Customer focused, organized, efficient, and effective where it comes to marketing your home, negotiating the best price, and carrying through to the close of escrow to your satisfaction.

For buyers, I match the rebates plus an additional $100. For sellers, I have a straight discounted commission structure of 4%-dual and 3%-solo for up to 50% off the standard rate. However, I will not discount my hard work and fiduciary duty to you.

It is not an easy decision to move. Whether for work, retirement, or other life changes, everyone has their valid reasons. My objective is to provide the highest level of service tailored to your unique needs and objectives. You are not only a client but an individual and my neighbor.

Getting the highest price for your home is not an accident

No one takes selling their property lightly. You shouldn’t either. You need to make sure you get the most you for your home. Why? For many of us, our home is the single biggest investment of our lives. Not only that, it’s one of the pillars of our retirement as we depend on the equity we build up over time to supplement our retirement incomes. Don’t make the mistake of failing to maximize your home sales price. Many factors determine price, but your agent can have the biggest impact by effectively marketing your home, negotiating the sale, bringing a good team together in escrow, and thoroughly executing the transaction.

Product: Properly package your home.

While locational factors like city, state, zipcode, and even neighborhood are already decided, there are still much you can do. With my Free Pre-Staging Report, I will show you how to put a shine on your home from the front yard to the inside living quarters within your budget and time constraints.

Price: Timing and preparation are key.

Pricing your home right the first time is critical in today’s highly competitive market; it all depends on timing. Whether you time or not, proper preparation and positioning will enhance your negotiating position. I provide a methodical approach to increasing the price of your home.

Promotion: Buyers compete for your home.

Selling a house fast is nothing to be proud of. If you want to maximize the home sales price, you want the buyers to compete for your home. For this you need time. You also need my Market Saturation Strategy to get the widest exposure for your home.

Process: Smooth transactions aren't accidental.

My objective is to make this all important process as painless for you as possible. In order to maximize your sales price and sell quickly, a lot of things have to fall in place. It means that all the i’s must be dotted and t’s crossed. It’s all about process and execution. Knowledge and experience are essential.

People: To get the job well done.

Without the right people, nothing is possible. I am a licensed real estate broker backed up by many years of higher education, corporate marketing experience, small business ownership, and numerous real estate sales. I have assembled a team around me to provide a seamless and effective service.

The secret to a higher sales price is to position your property well.

My Exclusive 5 P Marketing Formula focuses on five essential elements of my Marketing Plan. It is designed to ensure that you get the best price for your home.

My Market Saturation Strategy

From my years of business experience, I have devised a successful formula for getting the maximum exposure and price for your home: Market Saturation Strategy. It will put your home in front of the competition and give you an unfair advantage. It begins before you even open the door to the first prospective buyer by creating an effective online marketing presence. Then working with your schedule and needs, I use the best traditional off-line methods to properly market your home including open houses, newsletters/flyers, and proper signage.

The centerpiece of my Market Saturation Strategy is differentiation of value. Your home gets the higher price when it achieves superior differentiation of value in the market.

It is designed to present your home in the best possible light and reach the widest audience possible through an impressive online presence as well as traditional foot work.

Free Pre-Staging Report

In my FREE Pre-Staging Report, I put myself in the role of the buyer looking at the purchase of his or her life time. They will imagine a life in their new home, kicking the tires, looking at the construction, and assessing value. The Report contains dozens of low-cost easy to do quick fixes to enhance the buyer’s experience. Each will benefit the sale significantly netting you potentially thousands to tens of thousands more.

Photos that Sell

Today, almost all home buyers start their search on the Internet and photos are an integral part this internet experience. Thus, it is important to use inviting photos to make the right first impression. For each home, I personally take dozens of detailed photos, including panorama shots, and 360 panoramic digital photos. As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words and I use them to tell an inviting story to the prospective buyers.

Virtual Open House

My exclusive Best Virtual Home Tours provide buyers with numerous photos of your home and neighborhood. It may include a floor plan as well as vital house, school, and community information. Prospective buyers can view your home right from their computers or mobile devices giving you a competitive advantage over other sellers competing for the same buyers. Check out a demo of the Best Virtual Home Tour here.

MLS & Internet Propagation

When you sell with me, I list your home on the Southern California Multiple Listing Service and within hours, it gets propagated on the WWW internet. Your home appears instantly on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Trulia, Zillow, LA Times, and the computer screens of the major online and brick and mortar real estate agencies, thousands of real estate agents, and millions of people.

For Sale Sign & Lock Box

Viewing can be done by Appointment Only or more conveniently via Supra Lock Box. The Supra Lock Box is more than a lock. Only licensed agents and brokers with a special eKey can open them. When they do, a message is sent to me telling me who and when they visited along with their contact information. After each visit, I email the agent or broker to ask them how it went and encourage them to make an offer.

Superior Open Houses

Open Houses create foot traffic and spread word of mouth. Leads and contacts are captured. But also, people’s impressions about the price, condition of the house, and how your home stands against the competition are noted. After each Open House, leads are pursued and impressions are distilled into recommendations to improve the marketing of your home which are then reported directly to you. See the inside of the sample Open House flyer.

Neighborhood Newsletter

To get the word out, I feature your home in my newsletter that reaches about 2,500 homes in and around our neighborhood. Most of my neighbors know me through my newsletter which I hand deliver frequently. I also have an exclusive database of hundreds of prospective buyers to whom I email information regarding new homes on the market. They represent a ready pool of potential buyers for your home.

All of these suggest that in order to get the highest price…

  • You need to approach the sale of your home methodically,
  • Expose your home to the widest audience of prospective buyers possible,
  • Properly position and market your home vs. the competition,
  • Give sufficient time to plan, prepare, and execute the marketing of your home,
  • You not grab the first offer without thoroughly doing all of the above, and
  • Most of all you need to hire an agent who not only has experience, know-how, and technical savvy, but also someone who takes your phone calls, explains things, and most of all upholds their fiduciary duties to protect and promote your interests.

Your clear choice….

My job is to ask how I can provide superior service and bring the highest price for my clients’ homes. Towards this end, I bring uncommon know-how, experience, and resources to my work and work hard to go beyond the call of duty in maximizing your home’s exposure and sales price. You can trust in my knowledge, experience, and organizational skills. I bring an undivided strategic mind to the table which will work in your favor. I am never too busy for my clients.

  • Experience 100%
  • Know-how 100%
  • Trust 100%

Everything begins with a first step.

Call now for a Free In-Home Listing Consultation and see what I can do for you. Call (714) 932-3277 or click below to email.

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